Sensor Drones
Many Tennessee farmers use drones to fly over and view crops. UTIA is now working on sensors attached to drones to provide valuable information.  
Crapemyrtle Bark Scale
Southerners have come to rely on the Crapemyrtle as a dependable plant...  
Microgreens are tiny plants that add zest to salads and main dishes, and are popular with chefs and customers at high-end restaurants.  
Water Quality
Floods, droughts and very hot or cold temperatures - all weather patterns that we experience often in Tennessee. What impact do these weather situations have?  
Heifer Development
Tennessee's beef producers are looking to turn dropping cattle numbers around with a new focus on cattle reproduction.  
Tennessee AgrAbility Program
Veterans with past war injuries or disabilities, who are also farmers, are receiving help from a UT Extension program to help them make a living in agriculture.  
Home Tomato Production
UT Extension shares tips that can enhance the quality of the tomatoes you grow in your garden.